17 December, 2016

On Holidays

Well it's been  a nice relaxing and fun week for me. Though I quit my job on saturday, I couldn't catch up on the blog last week because I was rushing a whole bunch of deadlines for merchandise planned for the new year! Very excited for some of these merch :D I want to have more focus on stationery items. 

Karen came back for the holidays to her family and I. It's been awesome to be together in real life rather than skype and chat apps. We had a lot of fun just chilling, and going around the city!
Anyway, today I am having dinner at Karen's mom's home and we are making traditional taiwanese dishes! Karen and I have prepared Turnip Cake 蘿蔔糕 and BaWan 肉回. This morning I made some AiYu 愛玉冰 to compliment the food afterwards. I realized that AiYu is really good for Taiwanese food, cuz we eat a lot of heaty foods. AiYu is made from the seeds of Ficus pumila. They are these tiny dusty looking seeds you put in a cheese cloth baggy and soak in water. You massage the bag to release all the gelatin from the seeds into the water.

It has a light fresh taste, it is eaten with lime juice and sugar water! It's really refreshing - not really something for winter, but hey, it's yummy!

Short post today :D I should get some laundry done and pack a bit!

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