05 November, 2016

On Fountain Pen Week

Anyhow, it was a fun busy week! Things are getting into motion so I hope to try to blog about it and record the events. Though to be honest, I do more than enough recording so I don't know why I need to lay my life out even more.  I'll try to schedule posts and make sure there are contents to post about. This blog is probably going to be everywhere...

I was really excited for Fountain Pen Day this week! I just like looking at everyone's pens to be honest. I don't know what it is about them that's so enchanting. Maybe because it's such a personal experience for everyone. Also because I'm a stationery geek. For some reason I can't believe I only got into fountain pens in February. There will probably be some stationery posts later on :3

Speaking of stationery, I've been throwing out a ton of things since June. I've discovered Kondou Marie's cleaning method. So I have been getting rid of my surplus and things that I haven't been using like crazy. Thankfully my friend Carey is open to receive all my stuff (including a giant box of zines I had to shed). Practising KonMari method has really helped me to descern what I like and be more careful of my purchases. Like many artists I've.... had a art supply/startionery buying problem. The addiction is coming along...thanks to Karen.

The main reason why I'm going through KonMari and weight shedding is because I'll be moving down to California to be with Karen in January!!! We are so excited!!! We signed our apartment papers recently and we have a place together now! I'm so excited to finally make the move down for the next chapter of my (and our) life. I'm finally taking step to make the transition into the animation industry. I will be working hard to try to make this as smooth as possible! But seriously excited to hang with people too haha

Oh I'm bringing my dog with me too!

Food blurb: This week Carey and I went to lunch, and found that we had room for dessert. We spontaneously went to get BingSoo (shaved ice). I was pleasantly surprised that it was the fluff shaved ice which I have yet to try. It was amazing!!!! Can't wait to go again!

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