19 November, 2016

On Food

Lighter post today ^^ Something happened recently that made me decide to up my cooking game! I always want to be good at cooking. I don't cook unhealthy food but I can definitely learn more healthy options.
tumeric potatoes and egg breakfast burrito 
egg, turkey, cilantro pesto lunch burrito
I have a lot of fun making it look nice too. It's just another hobby besides drawing. Food is a little like interactive art no? Making good pretty food and then partaking in it. It's also just really fun to cook with friends and eat together. I love doing that though I haven't cooked with friends in a while.
inarizushi, garlic ginger sweet potato & wonton miso soup

satsuma-age and spinach salad
I enjoy all sorts of cuisine and all sorts of food. This year I've been working on opening up my palette to a few different foods. It's pretty difficult to want to eat all sorts of things but being unable because of my dislike to certain ingredients. My main problems were cilantro, ginger, parsley, celery, bell peppers. I am proud to say that cilantro and gingers are now conquered and have made such a huge difference in my eating!! Celery is still no go, but bell peppers are okay roasted.
gouda cheese with cassis jelly, cilantro pesto and green grapes

ribbon carrot, fennel and radish salad

Anyway, excited to keep trying new things. Food is great, makes people happy! I hope 2017 will be filled with more recipes and good food times!!

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